People have correctly said, Food is the way to a man’s heart. This statement can also be can applied for women, as food is also a way to a woman’s heart. Food is the source of life, and as life has evolved, so has foods.  Today food isn’t raw, isn’t tasteless or burned in the flaming fire, and sweet dishes aren’t just fruits. Cooking and cuisines have evolved through ages so that what we eat are deemed the very best.

Cuisines differ from country to country, culture to culture and so does a man’s taste and liking towards a particular type of cuisine. Yet, all types of cuisine aren’t available everywhere, and even if they do, they pretty much cost a fortune for a single meal.

But Duxton Hill Food places in Singapore offers you cuisines from various places, at affordable prices.  Duxton Hill Food is the best in the country. The Duxton Hill neighborhood has eateries ranging from French to Mexican to Chinese, with sweet and savories available at the same time.

Duxton Hill Food

Some of the famous Duxton Hill food places include L’Entrecote The Steak And Fries Bistro, Pints and Pints Restaurant and bar, Xiao-Ya Tou, Mitsu Sushi Bar, Brassiere Gavroche, Niku Katsumata, etc.  Other famous restaurants include 1836 Alba which specializes in European cuisines, Etna Italian Restaurant, and Pizzeria for Sicilian food and Tepan Kaiseki Satsuki specializing in Japanese cuisines.


Duxton Hill Food in Singapore is the best food place for every foodie with a number of dishes and restaurants that will give a run for money to every foodie.